Quran Awards بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم جوائز القرآن الكريم

Assalaamu'alaikum Wa-Rahmatullaahi Wa-Barakaatuh

Dear Parents/Contestants

As you may have expected, the Tajweed Competition will have to be postponed to a later date due to current restrictions that have been placed on all gatherings throughout the country.

To announce the new date, we will have wait for the announcement from Government of Alberta to clear all restrictions related to COVID 19 and allow gatherings to happen in the way they used to in the past.

If, however, you would like to withdraw from the Competition and would like a refund of the registration fees, then please let us know by through the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

We make Dua that Allaah Subhaanahu Wa-Ta'aalaa save all Humanity from this Pandemic and make it a means for everyone to return to The Creator in the form of Islam, Ameen.

Results from Competition Held on
April 6th 2019 At Masjid Rahma Edmonton

Top Ten Boys (out of 51) Top Ten Girls (out of 27)
  1. Kareem Ali (Listen)
  2. Muhammad Alzawi (Listen)
  3. Muhammad Aoun Khan (Listen)
  4. Salman Zafar (Listen)
  5. Zia Islam (Listen)
  6. Abdirahman Duale (Listen)
  7. Ayyan Shafi (Listen)
  8. Hassan Bachh (Listen)
  9. Shuib Nur (Listen)
  10. Omer Khan (Listen)
  1. Judy Ali
  2. Alaa Fouli
  3. Ansam Zemit
  4. Hafsa Jabbari
  5. Mariam Khalid Iqbal
  6. Khadijah Shaikh
  7. Amna Shaikh
  8. Muslima Zaizi
  9. Fatimah Mohammed
  10. Hajara Osman
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